Our company provides our clients with day to day updates on projects and the construction process for each service that we provide our clients. Whether it be a small scale suburban project or a large scale residential project, we make sure to put your needs at the top of our priority. For those who are looking for management, our company also provides a construction management service for those who are looking to have proper management for various projects you might have. Our project managers all have had years of experience working in this field and are ready to support you in any way possible. Just let us know when you are ready to start!

VD&C consists currently of two construction companies that work under our name

GDL Construction

Summit Construction

Why two? VD&C has an extensive list of clientele that we service and thus our services can stretch over a wide area. Depending on where you are located, one of our construction teams will be sure to provide you with the best that we can offer. Our construction team comprises of different companies that contract under our name so we can service a wider range of areas and to make sure that quality control of your project will be excellent. We have been working together with these firms for years and have been servicing clients together since the birth of our company.